Top 20 Facts About Selena Gomez

1. Selena met Demi Lovato when she starred in Barney and Friends!
2. She was born on the 22nd of July 1992!
3. She was born in Grand Prarie Texas!
4. She grew up with in Grand Prairie, Texas!
5. She is friends with Taylor Swift!
6. She is in Wizards of Waverly Place! Which is ending...
7. She is going out with Justin Bieber!
8. She won a KCA award!
9. She is a brunette!
10. She has five dogs!
11. She is an only child!
12. She is Home-Schooled!
13. She owns twenty pairs of converses!
14. She likes soccer and basketball!
15. She loves Johnny Depp!
16. She likes Snicker Bars!
17. She likes Hip-Hop and Punk music!
18. She sang Rockstar by Hannah Montana!
19. She has a bit in Spy Kids 3!
20. She loves to eat Pizza and shrimp!
21. Loves to eat cookies for snack!
22. Part Italian, part Mexican
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